Year : 2006
Technique : Oil on canvas
Format : 30" x 30"


Inspiraton source : Abou Simbel, Egypte

Individually, each of Renée duRocher’s paintings is a voyage through time, a reversed testimony to humankind’s long journey, an odyssey which has left its mark since our very beginnings. These are traces that history’s survivors have followed haphazardly, shaped by their own understanding of events and things, and that we, today’s living, will follow in our own time. Tomorrow, others will follow in our footsteps. And it will be as such until the last being walks on Earth…This perspective is dizzying. But this temporal, or even existential vertigo would have much less resonance if it hadn’t been so brilliantly laid out on canvas by an artist who, in all evidence, knows how to combine intellect and emotion in such a way that the simple and earnest beauty of our roots shines through every pore of her canvases

Robert Bernier, art revue Parcours